BioHemp (BKIT) Provides Update to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders,

I would like to thank you for joining our investor mailing list as we aim to establish better shareholder communications by utilizing email, and our social media platforms.

The Company has been busy behind the scenes working to bring the company trading back “current” with OTC Markets. In meantime, we are embarking on building our shareholder communication to keep our shareholders and followers updated on non-material events as things move along.

Below are several ways to receive future updates on company:

Twitter: Investors can follow us on our official Twitter account, which we plan to use to keep followers updates on non-material events regarding the company. Users can follow us at

Mailing List: Investors can also join our investor mailing list to receive updates on news, and special announcements, and add their mailing list for future investor packets and brochures as we begin our marketing and advertisement campaigns. Users can join our mailing list by going to

Press Releases: We will also utilize press releases on national wire service to update investors on more major announcements like product launches, and new partnerships. Due to current trading issues though we expect to hold off on any major uses of press releases until we can reestablish our trading back “current” with OTC Markets.

8K Filings: We plan to utilize 8-k filings with SEC to disclose more material and important events.

New Team Members

During this time we will also be working to build up our team of advisers behind the company, which we intend to update in the coming weeks. You can visit our TEAM section of our website to get updates as new advisers are appointed.

Recent Interview

You can also access a recent interview we conducted early in Sept. 2019 as we plan to hold more of these type interviews to help keep market informed. You can visit the interview by visiting

It has been a difficult road for the company in past couple months, but we wanted to reach out to let you know things continue to move ahead, and we now will work on keeping better shareholder communication going as we begin to move forward towards our goal in rebuilding shareholder value.

Daniel Blum,
CEO & President
BioHemp International (OTC:BKIT)

Daniel Blum

BioHemp International Inc.
244 5th Avenue Suite A-154
New York, NY 10001
Office: +1 (646) 453-4912
Cell: +1 (914) 806-1850

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